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Welcome to the Tech Transfer & Innovation Portal, your gateway to cutting-edge technology and innovation developed by the Griffiss Institute community. Here, you’ll discover a wealth of opportunities to collaborate, license, and commercialize groundbreaking research and technologies.

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What We Offer

Innovative Technologies

Explore a diverse range of technologies spanning cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, unmanned aerial systems (UAS), quantum computing, and more. Our portfolio showcases the latest advancements developed by leading researchers and innovators.

Collaboration Opportunities

Connect with experts from academia, industry, and government to explore collaboration opportunities. Whether you’re seeking research partnerships, licensing agreements, or funding opportunities, our platform facilitates meaningful connections to drive innovation forward. 

Commercialization Support

Access resources and support services to accelerate the commercialization of intellectual property. From market analysis and business development assistance to patent protection and licensing negotiations, our team is here to guide you through the commercialization process.

Training and Workshops

Stay informed and up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in technology transfer and innovation through our training programs and workshops. Gain valuable insights from industry experts and throught leaders to enhance your innovation journey. 

News and Events

Stay informed about upcoming events, workshops, and networking opportunities within the Griffiss Institute community. Our news section highlights recent technology transfers, success stories, and collaborations, keeping you connected and engaged. 

Get Started

Ready to explore opportunities for collaboration and innovation? Register for an account to access our full range of services and resources. Whether you’re a researcher, entrepreneur, investor, or industry professional, the Tech Transfer & Innovation Portal is your destination for transformative innovation.

Join us in driving innovation forward and unlocking the potential of tomorrow’s technologies. Let’s collaborate, innovate, and make a difference together. Welcome to the future of technology transfer and innovation with the Griffiss Institute. 

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