About Us

The Griffiss Institute (GI) was established in 2002, by the State of New York, as an independent 501(c)(3) entity governed by a Board of Directors. The primary role of the GI is to advocate and facilitate the co-operation of private industry, academia, and the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate (AFRL/RI), in developing solutions to critical cyber security problems. Another prime role is to build upon technologies under development at the AFRL/RI to further strengthen our nation’s security.

By partnering AFRL with private industry and academia, the GI is able to facilitate and grow the technology base of the Upstate New York region. The GI is focused on providing an environment conducive to the growth of technology and ideas, by creating a collaborative research environment accessible to AFRL, business, and academia. The goal is to foster research leading to new solutions in information sciences and spinning out new business opportunities, locally and nationally.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

  • Advance the study of the security and vulnerability of public and private information systems and infrastructures.
  • Facilitate scientific research for the purpose of developing applications useful in improving the security of such systems and infrastructures.
  • Disseminate information on and conduct seminars, conferences, study groups and research regarding such issues.

Our Vision

"Create a Center of Excellence in Information Assurance in the Mohawk Valley"

  • Afford opportunities in education and training.
  • Create an Innovation Center to foster new business in the Mohawk Valley.
  • Work with local businesses, forming teams to secure new sources of funding.

"Create an Innovation Center to Foster New Business in the Mohawk Valley"

  • Provide the facilities and infrastructure to serve as a "Business and Technology Incubator".
  • Enter into a Partnership Intermediary Agreement with AFRL/RI.
  • Embedded personnel at AFRL/RI to assist in tech transfer.
  • Work with local businesses, forming teams to secure new sources of funding.

"Become a Leader in Education and Training in Information Assurance"

  • Team with Syracuse University, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Utica College and Mohawk Valley Community College to offer short courses specifically aimed at unique aspects of Information Assurance (IA).
  • Offer a facility to host courses related to IA for AFRL/RI and local business leading to advanced degrees.
  • Bring in companies and institutions from across the nation to offer relevant and specialized courses.
  • Secure funding to enable new courses and provide follow up activities (example: Project Advance & High School program)
  • Bring together local talent to create new programs and courses for education and training (example: "Identity Theft" and "Bluetooth Vulnerabilities" courses).
  • Facilitate symposia, conferences and workshops (AFRL/RI, local business, professional organizations, Information Institute, etc.)