About Us

The Griffiss Institute (GI) is a nonprofit talent and technology accelerator for the United States Department of Defense and an international network of academic, government and industry partners. Since 2002, the GI has served the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate (AFRL/RI), the Mohawk Valley region, and the United States, empowering diverse teams with talent and technology development programs that lead the nation in technical and economic impact. Devoted to converging teams and technologies to solve complex national challenges, the GI is proud to enable its international network from its home at Innovare Advancement Center in New York’s picturesque Mohawk Valley. 

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The Griffiss Institute mission is to provide a responsive and flexible business environment to enable the collaboration of private industry, academia and the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate. This business environment enhances the facilitation of research that leads to new solutions in information sciences; spinning out new business opportunities, locally and nationally, and providing a dynamic environment to enabling the advancement of the future scientific and engineering workforce.

Our Vision

Create a National and International Center of Excellence for collaborative research and the development of the future work force in Information Sciences

  • Afford opportunities in education and training
  • Create an Innovation Center to foster new business in the Mohawk Valley