LEGO Robotics Camp Requirements

Robotics Camp is Sold Out

Please read the below information regarding this year’s LEGO Robotics Camps BEFORE registering.

  • PLEASE NOTE: This is an introductory robotics camp. Students are unable to repeat this camp if previously taken.
  • In order to participate in the LEGO Robotics Camp, a Robotics Camp Kit and one of the supported devices, listed below, are REQUIRED.
  • The Griffiss Institute has made the Robotics Camp Kit available for rent for $200.00, for use during the camp, with a valid credit card. Upon the return of the equipment and verification no parts are missing or broken the rental charge will be immediately refunded. There are no scholarships available for the Robotics Camp Kit rental.
  • Kits may be picked up between June 29th and July 2nd at the Griffiss Institute located at 725 Daedalian Dr., Rome, NY. Please make an appointment for pick up with Nate Crossett at 315 – 356-2693 or
  • There are nine Robotics Camp Kits available. Due to the limited number, and high equipment rental cost, we have made provisions for up to 3 students to attend with a single Robotics Camp Kit, as long as they are co-located for the camp sessions.
  • Camp Kits cannot be mailed and must be picked up at the Griffiss Institute.
  • There is a $50.00 non-refundable, registration fee for each participant.
  • If you are registering as a team, all registration and rental fees must be paid on the same registration form, using one credit card.

Supported Devices




Personal Computer (PC)


Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, 10

MacBook, iMac or Mac Pro


32-bit macOS 10.14 or earlier


Chrome OS

Chrome OS version 50 or above



iOS 8.0 or later

Software Configuration

  • EV3 Programming Application Installation Guide
  • All students should ensure that they are able to install and open the software at least two weeks prior to the beginning of camp.
    • If you have questions or issues related to downloading and installing of the EV3 software, please contact Rachael Kohler at 772-242-3524 for assistance.
  • Link to Zoom (Coming Soon)
    • If you have questions or issues installing or connecting to Zoom, please contact Nate Crossett at 315-356-2693 or for assistance.