Cyber Research Institute

The goal of the Cyber Research Institute (CRI) is to improve the S&T output of publicly-funded research organizations and strengthen the private sector's competitiveness in defense research programs. To do this, the CRI facilitates teaming and strategic research initiatives between its industrial and academic members while also providing services directly to the military and other government laboratories and agencies.

CRI's Mission

The mission of the Cyber Research Institute is to provide multidisciplinary scientific research for government and industry, especially in cyber-security, C41SR, and related topics for the benefit of the public.

The CRI exists to promote the common goals of public and private investment in cyber security and related information and data-intensive systems.

CRI provides trusted consulting and subject-matter expertise for public and private R&D programs.

CRI provides:

  • Best of class expertise and contracted R&D to federally funded programs
  • Transition support for multi-use research
  • Unbiased assessment and applications consulting for advanced technology programs

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