II FY2022 Events & Activities

Meet & Greet | June 1, 2022

GOAL: The Meet & Greets are used to introduce the group to AFRL and the II Staff. This session will be given on-site only. Presenters included: Dr Mark Linderman, RI Chief Scientist; Dr Stan Wenndt, II Lead; Dr John Lugansland, AFOSR; and Ms Heather Hage, President & CEO of the Griffiss Institute. Click on the link below to view and/or download the presentation.

AFRL/RI Overview

Welcome to the II

AFOSR Overview

Introduction to Innovare and GI

5-Minute Introductions | June 7, 2022

GOAL: The objective of the 5-minute introductions is to introduce the faculty members that are currently working at Rome. The goal of these quick overviews is to share each other’s research interests for potential collaborations. Click on the link below to view and/or download the presentation.

SFFP Participants

STFP Participants

VFRP Participants

Poster Board Session | July 27, 2022

GOAL: The objective of the Poster Board Session is to elicit interaction between the AFRL engineers and faculty members. The workshop will be held on-site.

Poster Boards - Poster Boards will appear here after the July 27 event has concluded

II Tech Talks

GOAL: The objective of the II Tech Talks is to introduce participants to various technical areas being worked on. These are to be technical presentations and last no longer the 30 minutes with questions. These presentations will be held both on-site and via Zoom.

Session 1 - TBD