AFRL Challenge Competitions

AFRL Challenge Competition

The Challenge Competition is an annual STEM initiative for local high school students. Each participating high school can send one team which consists of two students, ages 16 years or older, and a teacher/coach/mentor. The competition is held during Spring Break. The intent of the competition is to provide a more realistic view into the types of high-tech problems our nation is facing, and how researchers go about dissecting and solving these complex challenges. Participating in this competition provides students a new perspective in the field of engineering, science, and/or math, depending on the problem's origin, and an opportunity to compete for paid summer internships at AFRL/RI.

Local High School Teams Awarded Scholarships at 2022 AFRL Challenge Competition


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CyberPatriot Competition

CyberPatriot is the premiere national high school cyber defense competition created to inspire high school students toward careers in cyber security or other STEM disciplines critical to our nation's future.

Teams work on a computer network in a compromised state and must return it to a steady state. Students will learn about:

• Malware
• Worms
• Viruses
• Malicious Code
• Working in teams in a hands on environment

CyberPatriot is an after school program/club for grades 9-12, within a team, along with a teacher and a mentor.
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This local competition is for elementary school students in grades 3 - 9. DimensionU is a math video game-based learning resource that helps students hone their math skills. During the month of February, each grade creates teams of ten to compete. All teams per grade play the same game and the highest scoring team advances to the next game until the final two teams are left to compete in the tournament.

Prior to implementing the software, teachers and the IT staff are instructed on how to launch the video game, execute reports, and customize the software to meet individual needs.
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