Virtual Institutes for Cyber and Electromagnetic Spectrum Research and Employ (VICEROY)

Program to Establish Cyber Institutes at Institutions of Higher Learning for purposes of accelerating and focusing the development of foundational expertise in critical cyber operational skills for future military and civilian leaders. 

The VICEROY program is intended to increase the quantity and quality of students who possess job-ready DoD cybersecurity skills upon graduation. The approach is to augment traditional college curricula by providing hands-on, experiential learning opportunities that are uniquely tailored to match the workforce demands of the Armed Services, Department of Defense, and our Defense Industrial Base partners. 

In addition to the required program elements enumerated in NDAA FY19 Sect. 1640(c), each Virtual Institute under the VICEROY program should strive to achieve three key objectives: 

  • Provide an enhanced pipeline for future cyber leaders 
  • Increase diversity in the cyber workforce 
  • Stand as recognized leaders in technology areas of critical importance to our National Defense Strategy 





























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