VFRP Program Information


Information InstituteNow that you have been selected to participate as a Summer Research Associate in the 2019 Visiting Faculty Research Program you are required to complete the following paperwork before your assignment can begin.

You are NOT to report or start working until we have received and accepted all required information and documents. 

The following steps must be completed by you as soon as possible.

Download the paperwork instructions here.

  1. VFRP Paperwork Checklist 
  2. VFRP Cost Proposal
  3. Independent Contractor Agreement
  4. W9 Form  
  5. Direct Deposit Form 
  6. Workers Compensation Documentation  
  7. 2019 II Research Program Guide   
  8. 2019 II Research Program Guide Acknowledgement
  9. AFRL IP Agreement 
  10. Security Information  

During this process please check your email frequently! All communication including updates, required actions, and any additional information needed will be sent to your email address on file.

If we do not have the email address you prefer us to use, please let Regan Johnson know ASAP so that it can be updated in the system. 

Points of Contact:

During your assignment in Rome, you will be working with your assigned advisor from AFRL. You may also, from time to time, have questions regarding the Information Institute program, your contract, payments or security. These requests should be directed to the following POC’s:

For questions about the VFRP summer program, summer presentations & events, contact:
Elizabeth Kelly  
Program Coordinator, Information Institute

For information about your contract & payments, contact:
Regan Johnson
Vice President, Griffiss Institute

For questions regarding security & access to AFRL, contact:
Ellen Kennedy 
Project Coordinator, Griffiss Institute

Other Important Information

Most of the information you will need for your summer program in Rome, NY is found in the 2019 II Research Program Guide. Please refer to this guide when you have a question, and please reach out to the POC’s listed above for any other questions.

Your Arrival Day: On your arrival date, your first stop should be at the Griffiss Institute, 725 Daedalian Dr., Rome, NY 13441, by 9:00 AM to verify all required documentation and ensure your Wi-Fi access is working. If you arrive at AFRL/RI prior to stopping at the Griffiss Institute, your access to the facility will not be permitted.

Summer 2019 Calendar of Events: Click here to download the calendar of events for the summer research program. 

Invoice Requirements: Click here to download the invoice instructions.  

Invoice Template: Click here to download the invoice template.

Report of Inventions and Subcontracts: DD Form 882

Housing Options: You are responsible for obtaining your own accommodations, if needed, during the summer. Click here to download various options for your housing

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