2nd Annual Drone Info Day

Lisa Payne

Kids and drone controllersUTICA, NY - CNY Drones, in cooperation with the City of Utica Youth Bureau, is hosting Drone Info Day @The Parkway, October 1, 2017 at the Utica Parkway Recreation Center, 12 noon - 4:00 pm. The public is invited to an afternoon of learning, sharing and networking with local drone enthusiasts, engineers, and educators. The day features flight simulators, a hands-on first-time flyer flight zone, full-scale drone demos with FPV viewing, safety information, a live build & repair station, 3D printing, degree and training information, local drone technology company exhibits and an introduction to Rig Rescue, an inclusive, low cost, STEM-based Team Drone Challenge.  Weather permitting, there will also be drone demonstrations outside near the ski hill. 

Last October, CNY Drones and Griffiss International Airport hosted over 400 attendees for the first annual event in a hangar dose dock.  Last year's exhibitors have been asked to participate.  New exhibitors will be invited as space permits.  The event is part of CNY Drones' efforts to promote STEM, provide awareness of drone technology educational and employment opportunities and build a safe flying recreational drone community.  

CNY Drones provides a local social media information hub and organizes STEM volunteers that include drone enthusiasts, educators, drone technology and cyber security company engineers, and Air Force Research Lab staff.  A planning committee meets weekly to discuss upcoming drone events, requests and inquiries.  

For more information on the Drone Info Day @The Parkway, visit, @CNYDrones on Twitter and Facebook, or email:

Drone Info Day 2016 Rome New York

CNY Drones @RoboSpartans Robotics exists with gracious support from our fiscal agent, the Griffiss Institute, Rome, NY,  a 501(c)3.  We are a volunteer organization promoting STEM-based drone education & safety awareness and maintaining a recreational drone owner informational hub.  CNY Drones hosts an Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Model Aircraft Student Club (MASC) and a MultiGP Racing Chapter.

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