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STEM Camp: Engineering Session 2

Jul 24, 2017 to Jul 28, 2017 Location: Griffiss Institute, 725 Daedalian Drive, Rome NY

Engineering Camp**

While attending Engineering Camp, students will engage in lateral thinking puzzles, guided lab experiments, and open-ended design challenges to learn about what real engineering is and how to do it.

Topics covered include:

  • Simple Machines
  • Archimedes’ Principle
  • Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • Basic Electronics
  • DC Hobby Motors

At this camp, students will:

  • Find out how engineers make things move, float, glow, and spin
  • Experiment with levers, boats, parachutes, light bulbs, motors, propellers, gears, and more
  • Get to be the engineer as they build and test their own solutions to real design problems
  • Learn to build cool stuff with materials they can find around their homes

SESSION 1*: Monday, July 10 - Friday, July 14, 2017
SESSION 2*: Monday, July 24 - Friday, July 28, 2017
Time: M-Th, 9 am - 4 pm & Friday, 9 am - 12 noon
Place: Griffiss Institute, 725 Daedalian Drive, Rome NY
Cost: $100; Scholarships available
Target Group: Grades 6th - 8th
Max Class Size: 20 students

*PLEASE TAKE NOTE: There are two (2) sessions of the same camp, offered on different dates. Please choose your desired week, when registering. 

**PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Students are unable to repeat this camp, if previously attended.

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