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Ask Me Anything: US Drone Soccer

May 18, 2022, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM Location: Hybrid Event

Innovare Elevation Series presents: Ask Me Anything: US Drone Soccer

Innovare Elevation Series: Ask Me Anything: US Drone Soccer

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT

Drone soccer is a fast-growing new air sport that involves two teams and up to five players per team.

U.S. Drone Soccer is convening youth competitions across the country, paving the road to the World Cup. The game is played with remote-controlled flying quadcopters protected by an exoskeleton cage. Join us for a fun-filled hour as we welcome Kyle Sanders, Vice President of Development; US Drone Soccer, to discuss all things that encompass this high-tech team game for kids.

United States Drone Soccer

Drone soccer is a thrilling indoor team sport played with radio controlled quadcopters in protective exoskeletons designed for collisions. Five player teams face off in a netted arena where they ram and block the opposing team to prevent them from scoring. But before pilots can compete, they must first learn to build, program, fly, and repair high-performance drones - learning engineering skills towards exciting careers in aviation.


Schools are eager for modern drone programs, but teachers may not have the expertise or resources to develop new programs on their own. Robotics and engineering design teams can also be intimidating and disheartening for young engineers. To support teachers and students, we have built our organization around providing direct mentorship and a supportive community of aviation and STEM professionals.


Modern competitive robotics programs can cost upwards of $25,000 per year, which places technical education out of reach for the students who need it the most. We work hard to keep prices as low as possible and work directly with nonprofits and school districts to find grants, sponsorships, and certify new Career and Technical Education pathways.

Culture of Safety

US Drone Soccer programs welcome students to the culture of safety, inherent in aviation and aerospace organizations. They learn important lessons about teamwork, responsibility, and accountability that prepare them for high-demand career fields.

Guest Speaker:

Kyle Sanders, Vice President of Development; US Drone Soccer

Major Kyle Sanders is a retired combat pilot and graduate of the Air Force Academy where he later served as instructor pilot and coach of the Intercollegiate Flying Team. With a Masters in Education, he has led large-scale outreach programs for government, university, and nonprofit organizations.

This AMA will be a hybrid event. The guest speaker will be remote and not on location. You can join the event by either accessing the link provided after registering or you are welcome to join other guests tuning in to Kyle's presentation online in our events room at Innovare Advancement Center.